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SocialDesk Broker Partnership Program


The standard in wellness workspace

SocialDesk positions its building design and operations as agents of health, wellness and productivity for everyone that occupies our spaces. We utilise the technology and frameworks that make some of the leading tech campuses the healthiest places to work and have applied the same science to our building.


We measure, verify and monitor building features that impact the health, well-being and productivity of our members. 

Find out why workspace wellness is so important.

  • Air
    We strive to ensure high levels of indoor air quality across our building’s lifetime through diverse strategies that include a smoke-free building, air quality monitoring systems, enhanced ventilation and filtration, contaminant elimination, along with active and passive building design and operation strategies to ensure optimum air quality.
  • Water
    OUR SOLUTION SocialDesk promotes safe and clean water through the implementation of proper filtration techniques and regular testing. We monitor aspects of the quality, distribution and control of liquid water in our building. This includes features that address the availability and minimise contaminant thresholds of drinking water.
  • Nourishment
    OUR SOLUTION We ensure the availability of fresh and wholesome foods, limit highly-processed ingredients and support mindful eating in our building. We also offer nutritional transparency along with activities that encourage the creation of food environments where the healthiest choice is the easiest choice.
  • Light
    OUR SOLUTION We promote exposure to natural light and create lighting environments that are optimal for visual, mental and biological health. Our lighting design minimises disruption to the body’s circadian system, enhances productivity and supports good sleep quality.
  • Movement
    OUR SOLUTION We promote movement, physical activity and active living and discourage sedentary behaviours through a number of initiatives that include a state-of-the-art fitness centre, floor plan design, environmental design strategies, programs and policies.
  • Comfort
    OUR SOLUTION We promote human productivity and ensure a maximum level of comfort among all members through improved HVAC system design, acoustic, ergonomic and olfactory comfort to optimise indoor working environment .
  • Sound
    OUR SOLUTION We bolster occupant health and well-being through the identification and mitigation of acoustical comfort parameters that shape occupant experiences in the built environment.
  • Mind
    OUR SOLUTION We optimise cognitive and emotional health through design, technology, and treatment strategies that seek to address the diverse factors that influence cognitive and emotional well-being.
  • Community
    OUR SOLUTION We support access to essential healthcare, workplace health promotion and accommodations for new parents while establishing an inclusive, integrated community through social equity, civic engagement and accessible design.


Whether you're looking to set up a large-scale Philippine HQ, corporate swing space, or a small satellite office, we have a solution that enables employees to love where they work.

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